News January 7, 2022

[CES 2022] From Flex S&G to QD Display – Meet Samsung Display’s Cutting-Edge Technologies

Get an exclusive front-row view of Samsung Display’s technologies being introduced at CES 2022!
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News December 31, 2021

Samsung Display 2021 Year Recap

Take a look back at Samsung Display’s 2021 for a glimpse of your upcoming future!
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Press Release November 9, 2021

[Press Release] Samsung Display, First to Achieve ‘RBA Platinum Status’ in Domestic Display Industry

Samsung Display became the first display company in Korea to achieve the RBA Validated Assessment Program’s Platinum status.
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News October 26, 2021

Foldable Smartphone Market Expected to Surge: 100 Million Units of Foldable OLED Demand Forecasted in 2028

Having reached one million units of sale in just 39 days in Korea alone, the popularity of Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3 helps explain the hype around foldable phones.
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News October 20, 2021

[Life at Samsung Display] Vietnam│Staff Engineer, Ngo Ngoc Thang Ph.D.

Leading defect analysis of displays, Ngo Ngoc Thang is Head of Part at Samsung Display Vietnam, located in Bắc Ninh. Learn more about him from this interview!
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News October 14, 2021

[Interview] 1,000 Days of Samsung Foldable OLED Development | SVP Jeong-Il Yoo, Foldable Development Team Leader

Samsung Display’s Foldable Development Team recently celebrated a milestone - reaching 1,000th day of foldable OLED research and development since its establishment! We got everything you might be curious about Samsung’s OLED and foldable development process from Jung Il Yoo, team leader of the Foldable Development Team, in this article.
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Sustainability July 7, 2021

[ESG Special Feature] Ep. 5 Path Towards a Lasting Mutual Growth! Samsung Display’s Strategic Partnerships

In order to create a society where suppliers, local communities, and even the next generation can live together, Samsung Display is striving for sustainable management. In this article, we will uncover Samsung Display's way of fostering a true sense of partnership beyond collaboration.
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News June 28, 2021

[Life at Samsung Display] Cheonan | Principal Engineer, Hyunjun Cho, Ph.D.

Father of two and one of the pioneers of flexible display technology, Hyunjun is a principal engineer based in Samsung Display’s Cheonan campus in South Korea.
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Sustainability June 19, 2021

[ESG Special Feature] Ep.4 One Step Closer to a Better Future | Nurturing Local Communities with Samsung Display’s Sustainable Footsteps

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” With a sustainable future aligned with community values and growth as its envisioned goal, Samsung Display genuinely cares for and connects with local communities and underprivileged families.
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Sustainability June 15, 2021

[ESG] From Waste to Silver: Samsung Display’s Modern Day Alchemy

Samsung Display recently succeeded in developing technology that extracts and recycles silver from etchant solutions.
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