IT Trend 9월 24, 2021

[Color & Display] #5: Enhancing Sense of Reality with Digital Colors | Capturing Real World Colors with Technology!

Magical news arrived in early May when spring was in full swing. It was announced that a KAIST research team had created a wearable OLED display.
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IT Trend 9월 9, 2021

[Color & Display] #4: Display Color Space and Resolution | More Realistic Resolution than Reality

From Analog to Digital: The Evolution of Display Resolution
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IT Trend 8월 12, 2021

Windows are Getting Smarter? Generating Electricity and Saving Energy and with ‘Smart Windows’

A smart window is a glass window that can freely control how much sunlight from outside enters the room. It reduces energy loss and reduces heating that can improve efficiency and provide a comfortable indoor environment.
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IT Trend 8월 4, 2021

[Color & Display] #3: The relationship between Light and Color | From the Light of the Universe to the Color of the World!

The Big Bang Theory explains that a singularity was created at a point where a tremendous amount of energy was compressed, which suddenly exploded to form a continuously expanding universe. There are still many unanswered questions about how a small, volumeless dot radiated to create a universe of this size over 10 billion years.
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IT Trend 7월 27, 2021

Virtual Beauty on the Rise

Tech companies like Google, Pinterest, and Snapchat have one business move in common: They are all entering the realm of augmented reality (AR) makeup initiatives.
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IT Trend 7월 20, 2021

Human Augmentation: Rising of the Next Generation Wearable Technology

What we’ve seen in movies like ‘Aliens (1986), ‘Iron Man (2008)’, and ‘Edge of Tomorrow (2014)’ are all becoming part of our reality today.
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IT Trend 7월 14, 2021

OLED Laptops in the First Half of 2021: What Makes Them Special?

You might have noticed that a lot of the tech news platforms have recently published articles titled “Best laptop 2021”.
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IT Trend 7월 2, 2021

[Color & Display] #1: What is Color? Definition of Color and Color System!

10 years ago, I came to a sudden stop while walking inside a busy shopping mall: I noticed flickers of movement on a glass-like surface.
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IT Trend 6월 24, 2021

Science Fiction Technology Made Real: 4D Printing

4-dimensional printing is expected to revolutionize life sciences, nanoscience, and aerospace industries, taking theoretical ideas from Science Fiction into surreal real-life realizations.
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