samsung display dshorts oled part 5 efficient battery use
Technology June 22, 2022

[D-Shorts] Efficient Battery Usage with Chameleon-like Samsung OLED!

By using high refresh rate for gaming/watching videos and lower refresh rate for emails/web surfing, you get the best optimized display experience while increasing battery life.
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gaming monitor qd-display marcus cole pc centric
Technology June 21, 2022

[Interview] QD-Display, “The Greatest Gaming Monitor” According to PC Centric

Interview about PC Centric's video “The Greatest Gaming Monitor ON THE PLANET 😱 - Alienware AW3423DW QD OLED Gaming Monitor Review!” and so much more!
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samsung display oled d-shorts
Technology June 15, 2022

[D-Shorts] Odds of Winning the Game? Fast Response Time Delivering Uninterrupted Experience

Samsung’s OLED laptops’ response time, compared to LCDs, is 10 times faster! Learn more about Samsung Display’s 240Hz refresh rate OLED.
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samsung display utg learn display
Technology June 13, 2022

[Learn Display] 57. UTG™

UTG™ is not only easily bendable as it is less than 100μm thick but also resilient to scratches with its glass-like properties.
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Technology June 10, 2022

Game Changer for the Gaming Industry: 240Hz VRR Samsung OLED

This month, Samsung Display announced the start of mass production of the world’s first OLED displays for laptops with high refresh rate of 240Hz. Why 240Hz? And why OLED is perfect for gaming?
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Technology June 8, 2022

[D-Shorts] Planet First! Eco-Friendly Samsung OLED

Did you know that planting two pine trees absorbs the same amount of carbon reduced by OLED? Learn more about Samsung Display's Eco-Friendly OLED.
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Technology June 3, 2022

Discover the Meaning of Lifelike with Alienware AW3423DW 34″ QD-OLED Monitor

Meet the world’s first QD-Display gaming monitor - Alienware AW3423DW 34" QD-OLED Monitor!
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Technology June 2, 2022

[D-Shorts] The best of both worlds – Samsung OLED!

Samsung OLED is 54% thinner and 37% lighter than LCDs thanks to its optimized self-luminous display structure backed by the latest technologies.
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Technology May 30, 2022

[Learn Display] 56. Digitizer

A digitizer is a device that converts the movements of a digital stylus/pen on a smartphone/tablet PC into digital signals.
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Technology May 25, 2022

[D-Shorts] Prevent Light Blurring with Halo Free Displays!

Light blurring is a common issue in displays with backlight since they can not produce true blacks on a pixel level. Learn how Samsung's self-luminous OLEDs prevent light blurring in this video.
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