Technology June 8, 2022

[D-Shorts] Planet First! Eco-Friendly Samsung OLED

Did you know that planting two pine trees absorbs the same amount of carbon reduced by OLED? Learn more about Samsung Display's Eco-Friendly OLED.
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Press Release June 7, 2022

[Press Release] Samsung Display Unveils World’s First High Refresh Rate 240Hz OLED

World’s first 240Hz OLED laptop from MSI featuring Samsung OLED delivers game changing lifelike immersiveness Samsung Display today announced the start of mass production of the world’s first OLED displays for laptops with high refresh rate of 240Hz. The new panel will make its debut in MSI’s latest 15.6-inch gaming laptop, Raider GE67 HX, upping the ante in the fiercely competitive gaming market for high-performance displays. Samsung OLED’s exceptional advantages of wide color gamut, high contrast ratio, true black and low blue light are not only recognized by smartphone users but by discerning laptop users as well. Beyond visual elements, specifications that affect actual gameplay such as response time and refresh rate, are more critical to gaming laptop users and the reason many players are opting for OLED products. “OLED with high refresh rate is the perfect combination for a premium gaming experience, with super-low response time, super-wide color gamut, and super-high contrast ratio. In addition, it balances well between high resolution and high refresh rate performance,” said Clark Peng, Vice President of MSI Notebook Product Management Division. “Therefore, the latest…
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Technology June 2, 2022

[D-Shorts] The best of both worlds – Samsung OLED!

Samsung OLED is 54% thinner and 37% lighter than LCDs thanks to its optimized self-luminous display structure backed by the latest technologies.
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Technology May 25, 2022

[D-Shorts] Prevent Light Blurring with Halo Free Displays!

Light blurring is a common issue in displays with backlight since they can not produce true blacks on a pixel level. Learn how Samsung's self-luminous OLEDs prevent light blurring in this video.
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SID Display Week 2022
Video May 12, 2022

SID 2022 | Samsung Display Booth Walk-Through

Come witness the key technologies revealed at Display Week 2022 via this booth walk-through video online!
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Video May 10, 2022

Meet Amazing Techverse in Samsung Display

Ready to surf through the latest tech trends like Slidable, Flex S, and Flex G technology by Samsung Display in less than 2 minutes?
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Press Release May 10, 2022

[Press Release] Samsung Display to Demonstrate a Broad Global Vision of Technology Innovation at Display Week 2022

Revolutionary displays will be highlighted including two-way mobile slidables, new foldable displays for gaming, and the most advanced quantum dot display technology for the large display market. Samsung Display today announced that it will play a prominent role at Display Week 2022, May 10-12 (Pacific Time) in San Jose, California. As the world’s largest producer of digital communication displays, the company said it will spotlight a wide range of its most advanced next-generation technologies in Booth #715 under the theme: “Meet the Amazing Techverse in Samsung Display.” “Since Display Week 2022 returns to live exhibitions after a hiatus of three years, office managers, workstation professionals, and consumers are showing greater interest in this industry-leading event,” according to Samsung Display. “Through the unveiling and demonstration of our most promising market solutions, audiences worldwide will be able to appreciate our vision of a rapidly-expanding, technology-enhancing and color-perfecting display business,” the company added. Marking its return to in-person exhibitions after years of pandemic caution, Samsung Display will reveal a far-reaching vision for the future of the display industry*. The company will highlight self-luminous…
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Technology April 27, 2022

[D-Shorts] Vivid Stargazing in Dazzling HDR!

[Fun Facts about Displays: #DShorts] Dark sky night darker, twinkling stars brighter! Enjoy the perfect HDR with QD-Display~!
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Press Release April 26, 2022

[Press Release] Samsung OLED Display Verified for ‘Halo Free’ Viewing

Evaluation demonstrates OLED superiority in producing clearer images from all viewing angles without backlight As an industry leader in the premium display market, Samsung Display today announced that its OLED display for laptops has received ‘Halo Free’ verification from the global safety science leader, UL, for its glare-free and sharp picture quality. The ‘halo’ effect that appears on OLED displays is a result of ‘light blurring,’ which occurs when the outline of a bright subject appears white on an image with sharp contrast. ‘Light blurring’ is prominent with LCD products since LCD displays can’t produce true blacks. Instead, they rely on a backlight to create the picture and often leverage ‘local dimming,’ a technology that divides the screen into zones and adjusts backlight brightness in certain areas to produce a deeper black color. However, since light is controlled by zone and not individual pixels, ‘light leakage’ can occur, where backlight appears in areas where both bright and dark colors are expressed. This causes the dimmed areas to display a hazy picture, creating the ‘halo’ phenomenon, which results in bright subjects that are blurred. According to Samsung Display’s internal evaluations on ‘light blurring degree…
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replay the display VFD
News April 20, 2022

[REPLAY THE DISPLAY] VOL.4 Samsung’s Self-Developed Vacuum Fluorescent Display

Explore Samsung Display’s historical footprints as a global leader in the display industry through the ‘Replay the Display’ article series!
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