Press Release January 10, 2022

[Press Release] Samsung QD-Display Globally Certified by SGS for Outstanding Picture Quality

New standard for TV picture quality recognized in three SGS sectors for authentic color and crystal-clear picture from any viewing angle As an industry leader in the premium display market, Samsung Display today announced that its QD (Quantum Dot)-Display, the new standard for next-generation TV picture quality, was certified by SGS, a world-leading certification company. The QD-Display, which Samsung Display began mass producing in November, received three certifications for its True Color Tones, Pure RGB Luminance and Ultrawide Viewing Angle – meaning the QD-Display is certified to accurately portray the true tone of all natural colors with a clear, bright screen at any viewing angle. “As the video content industry, production technologies, platforms and communication infrastructures are rapidly growing, the demand for premium quality content is also quickly increasing,” says Ho Sun, the head of Strategic Marketing for Samsung Display’s Large Display Division. “QD-Display is the answer to meeting this demand and offers consumers a new standard for viewing high-quality content at the highest picture quality” The QD-Display received the True Color Tones certification through SGS evaluation. Based on BT.2020[1],…
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Press Release November 22, 2021

[Press Release] Samsung Display Unveils New Microsite Dedicated to its OLED Display Business

Microsite serves as a new global channel for Samsung Display to communicate with its customers As an industry leader in the premium display market and pioneer of revolutionary OLED technology since 2013, Samsung Display today launched a dedicated global OLED microsite to highlight the company’s news, product innovations, multimedia assets, insights on industry trends, and more. As consumer needs continue to evolve, the OLED microsite serves as a hub to communicate Samsung Display’s priorities to its growing customer base around the world, including the U.S. and China. The microsite is live at the link here and features general information on Samsung Display’s key principles and OLED products through videos, articles and reviews from influencers in English, Korean and Chinese. “With the recent expansion of OLED market and extended application of Samsung Display’s newest OLED display technologies from foldable to laptops, consumers are increasingly interested in learning about OLEDs and our capabilities,” said Samsung Display’s Marketing Principal Professional, Moonhwan Lee. “With this new microsite, Samsung Display plans to share with the public on the excellence of OLED for small and medium-sized devices, such as smartphones,…
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Press Release November 9, 2021

[Press Release] Samsung Display, First to Achieve ‘RBA Platinum Status’ in Domestic Display Industry

Samsung Display became the first display company in Korea to achieve the RBA Validated Assessment Program’s Platinum status.
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Press Release September 16, 2021

[Press Release] Samsung Display Begins Mass Production of 90Hz Refresh Rate Laptop OLED Panels

Its 90Hz OLED panels offer better image blur length than 120Hz LCD panels Samsung Display announced today that the company began mass-producing its 90Hz refresh rate laptop OLED panels, which are featured in the 14-inch versions of the new ASUS Zenbook and Vivobook Pro. Both laptops support up to a 90Hz refresh rate. The refresh rate is the number of times per second that a display shows a new image. A 90Hz refresh rate means that the display can show 90 still images a second. A higher refresh rate enables smoother movements on a display. However, a higher refresh rate also requires a higher capacity graphics card and uses more battery, so it’s not always the optimal choice. An OLED panel responds much faster than an LCD panel and can display a more natural-looking image with a lower refresh rate than an LCD panel. According to Samsung Display’s internal tests, its 90Hz OLED panel showed a blur length of 0.9mm, a 10 percent improvement when compared to a 120Hz LCD panel’s blur length in video playback. Shorter blur length means…
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Press Release August 16, 2021

[Press Release] Samsung Display Unveils New Eco² OLED™ that Reduces Power Consumption, Offers Enhanced Under-Panel Camera, and Features Eco-Friendly Design

Latest OLED technology from Samsung Display sets new industry standard for smartphone market with its first-ever integrated polarizer Samsung Display today unveils its new Eco2 (Eco Square) OLED™ technology, which further reduces power consumption and offers an improved Under-Panel Camera (UPC) – a first in a foldable device – and eco-friendly design. The name of the Eco2 OLED™ display itself – Efficient power Consumption + Eco-friendly Component – highlights these benefits. Available first to consumers as a foldable display in one of Samsung’s newly announced smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, this pioneering technology from Samsung Display will cater to an ever-growing demand for low-power consumption in the 5G era. Thanks to its revolutionary, first-of-its-kind integrated polarizer, the Eco2 OLED™ eliminates the need for an additional polarizer layer, an opaque plastic sheet typically attached to displays to prevent the panel from reflecting external light, while increasing contrast and improving visibility. Instead, the Eco2 OLED™ minimizes reflection by leveraging its innovative pixel structure. Since a traditional polarizer adds a dark layer of film on top of the panel, your device requires more light…
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Press Release May 26, 2021

[Press Release] Samsung Display’s laptop OLED Achieved First in the Industry Certification for Low Chemical Emissions

Samsung Display’s nine OLED panels for laptops achieved GREENGUARD Gold certification of components for first time in the industry Samsung Display’s OLED panels for laptop has achieved UL’s GREENGUARD Gold Certification for low chemical emissions for their components for the first time in the industry. Global safety science leader UL certified that Samsung Display’s nine laptop OLED panels, ranging from 13.3-inch to 16-inch, met the GREENGUARD Gold Certification standard, UL 2819 GREENGUARD Standard for Electronic Equipment. The panels were featured in Samsung’s latest Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. GREENGUARD Gold certification is awarded to products including electronic and medical equipment that meet its volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particle emission standards. As the pandemic sees the demands for electronic devices including latops soaring, Samsung Display released the low chemical emissions laptop OLED panels which minimized the use of plastic substrate sheets, which can be a main source of VOC emissions. Among the LCD components, the backlight can be a major origin of VOCs for its use of multiple plastic substrate sheets. According to tests conducted by the…
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News May 18, 2021

[Press Release] Samsung Display unveils its OLED innovations in SID Display Week

Samsung Display showcases its forward-looking and consumer-centric solutions including S-Foldable, Slidable, and Under Panel Cameras Samsung Display unveils its next-generation OLED technologies in the world’s biggest display exhibition, cementing its leadership across the industry. The company opened a virtual exhibition at the 2021 SID Display Week under the tagline “Better life thru Samsung OLED,” showcasing its next-generation OLED products including: S-Foldable: A multi-foldable mobile display that maxes out at 7.2 inches but can be folded twice—both in and out—to be as small as a regular-sized smartphone. 17-inch Foldable: A foldable display that maxes out at 17 inches with a 4:3 aspect ratio that can be folded to be tablet-sized, offering both portability and a larger screen. Slidable: A display that can be slid horizontally to expand screen size for multitasking and videos, offering additional display area while maintaining a traditional smartphone’s form factor. Under Panel Camera: A front-facing camera for mobile devices that is housed underneath the display panel to achieve a real full-screen experience without distracting notches. During the 2021 SID Display Week, CEO JS Choi delivers a keynote…
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Press Release May 13, 2021

[Press Release] Samsung’s Laptop OLED Certified for Gaming Performance

Samsung Display’s new OLED offers 1.5x better blur length than conventional LCD, setting a novel standard for consumer laptop Samsung Display has announced that the world’s leading certification company SGS* certified its laptop OLED for gaming performance, which is featured in Samsung Electronics’ latest laptop Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. According to SGS’s test results, the new Samsung Display OLED showed the blur length below 1.4mm and the moving picture response time** below 15.4ms, both of which are crucial to enjoying dynamic and fast-paced action games. An LCD laptop with identical specs showed the maximum 2.1mm blur length and the 26.4ms moving picture response time. Its HDR contrast ratio, which quantifies the sharpness and the depth of an image, resulted in over 1,000,000:1. According to Samsung Display, fast-paced video games that require higher performance often suffer degradations in image quality when played on a display with a long blur length, which could harm user experience. OLED has a very wide range of contrast thus offers more immersive gaming experience for consumers who favor dynamic, flamboyant games, Samsung…
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Press Release May 6, 2021

[Press Release] Samsung OLED laptops proven to save up to 25 percent more display energy in dark mode

Leveraging OLED displays in dark mode proven to be the most energy-saving solution Samsung Display announced today that its OLED laptops are up to 25 percent more energy efficient in dark mode compared to light mode. The company tested its OLED laptops’ battery life using the industry-standard MobileMark 2018* and found that battery life averaged 11 hours in dark mode and 9.9 hours in light mode. By reducing the On Pixel Ratio, or the ratio of working pixels to total display pixels, dark mode was shown to cut down display energy consumption by about 25 percent. Since screens are one of the most significant contributors to battery drain, as a result, Samsung OLED laptops were found to give users an additional hour of power, compared to LCD laptops. “Low energy technology is vital for improving the portability of mobile devices like smartphones and laptops,” says Baek Jeeho, vice president of Samsung Display. “The combination of OLED screens and dark mode is clearly proven to be the best solution. Dark mode also reduces blue light significantly, which is beneficial to users’…
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News April 13, 2021

[Press Release] Sungchul Kim, president of Samsung display, was awarded ‘Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize’

Sungchul Kim, president and head of the Mobile Display Business for Samsung Display, was awarded the 2021 Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize by the Society of Information (SID). Dr.Kim is recognized for contributing to the successful launch of mass-production of high-resolution AMOLED displays with LTPS (Low-Temperature Polysilicon) technology. The SID, an authoritative industry organization for displays founded in 1962, created this prize in 1987 in honor of the German physicist and Nobel Laureate Karl Ferdinand Braun, who invented the cathode-ray tube (CRT). The Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize with the highest authority is awarded for outstanding technical achievement in the display industry, honoring those who have pioneered the underpinning commercial displays. With winning the award, the SID introduced his outstanding achievements, such as slimming the display with the adoption of “On-Cell-Touch” touch-sensing, development of flexible OLED that is bent and folded, and mass-production of foldable OLED with ultra-thin glass (UTG). The president Sungchul Kim had a doctoral degree in physics at Kyung Hee University and served as head of OLED development, Head of the display research center, and Head of the Mobile…
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