Sustainability August 10, 2022

Sustainability Report 2022 Highlights: The Critical Role of ESG Values at Samsung Display

Sustainability Report 2022 Highlights: The Critical Role of ESG Values at Samsung Display At Samsung Display, our values lie in environmental consciousness as much as in innovative display solutions. We believe that our efforts to display true colors on the screen are only meaningful when we make the world a more sustainable place through our technology. One of the core values of Samsung Display is to pursue new challenges. Companies in the 21st century are expected by stakeholders to leave the world in a better place for future generations and the communities in which they conduct business. 2021 was the year when we rose to the challenge to meet new demands from both progress and preservation. In February, we joined the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) to further reinforce ESG values in our management. Throughout the year, Samsung Display earned KRW 4.4 trillion in Integrated Value which is more than a two-fold increase YoY. Based on the KPMG True Value methodology, this value takes into account the earnings from ESG initiatives. It allows us to accurately see what we add to…
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Sustainability August 5, 2022

Samsung Display’s Sustainability Report 2022

Samsung Display has committed to building a better future, through transparent lines of communication on our environmental, social and economic values. Our achievements were only possible due to the collaborative spirit of the various stakeholders involved. This Sustainability Management Report aims to shine a light on our sustainable management activities and open a new channel for open conversation. Read the entire report here:
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Sustainability April 22, 2022

Earth Month: How Samsung Display Helps Consumers Save Energy

To meet the increasing demand for more efficient tech products that consume less power, Samsung Display has invested heavily in sourcing cutting-edge global material companies and tapping talent to support its development of low-power OLED technology over the past ten years.
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Sustainability March 22, 2022

Kickstarting Climate Action: Water Resource Management

On March 22, we would like to celebrate World Water Day and emphasize the importance of water as well as successful global practices in sustainable water management.
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Press Release November 9, 2021

[Press Release] Samsung Display, First to Achieve ‘RBA Platinum Status’ in Domestic Display Industry

Samsung Display became the first display company in Korea to achieve the RBA Validated Assessment Program’s Platinum status.
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Sustainability July 7, 2021

[ESG Special Feature] Ep. 5 Path Towards a Lasting Mutual Growth! Samsung Display’s Strategic Partnerships

In order to create a society where suppliers, local communities, and even the next generation can live together, Samsung Display is striving for sustainable management. In this article, we will uncover Samsung Display's way of fostering a true sense of partnership beyond collaboration.
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Sustainability June 19, 2021

[ESG Special Feature] Ep.4 One Step Closer to a Better Future | Nurturing Local Communities with Samsung Display’s Sustainable Footsteps

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” With a sustainable future aligned with community values and growth as its envisioned goal, Samsung Display genuinely cares for and connects with local communities and underprivileged families.
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Sustainability June 15, 2021

[ESG] From Waste to Silver: Samsung Display’s Modern Day Alchemy

Samsung Display recently succeeded in developing technology that extracts and recycles silver from etchant solutions.
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Sustainability June 9, 2021

[ESG Special Feature] Ep3. Efforts to Preserve the Global Environment | Samsung Display’s Green Management Activities!

Samsung Display has been at the forefront of efforts to save the global environment through corporate activities that respect people and nature through ‘Green Management’.
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Sustainability April 28, 2021

[ESG Special Feature] Ep2. Change of Business Management Norms – ESG | Samsung Display Accelerates ESG Management

“A growing number of companies are recognizing the opportunity for long-term success that results from an effective environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy (Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance).” This article will uncover Samsung Display’s various ESG practices explained by the Head of Sustainable Management Committee. Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance: ESG Management Global warming, air pollution, and water shortages are some of the environmental issues we face on a daily basis – forcing many companies around the world to accept corporate social responsibility.  Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) management refers to business approaches protecting the environment, supporting the socially disadvantaged, and highlighting compliances with laws. Eco-friendly, socially responsible, and transparent management is the key essence of ESG initiatives. It is a clear measure of non-financial performance that showcases potential growth of an enterprise – emerging as a business trend beyond enterprise-level that will make or break industries and nation-wide efforts. ESG Management of Global Companies Many global companies have embraced ESG as a new opportunity and showcased further boost of environmental, social and governance (ESG) involvement.  Since…
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