Samsung Display’s new OLED offers 1.5x better blur length than conventional LCD, setting a novel standard for consumer laptop

▲ Samsung Display OLED for laptops certified 'Gaming Performance' by SGS

Samsung Display has announced that the world’s leading certification company SGS* certified its laptop OLED for gaming performance, which is featured in Samsung Electronics’ latest laptop Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360.

According to SGS’s test results, the new Samsung Display OLED showed the blur length below 1.4mm and the moving picture response time** below 15.4ms, both of which are crucial to enjoying dynamic and fast-paced action games. An LCD laptop with identical specs showed the maximum 2.1mm blur length and the 26.4ms moving picture response time. Its HDR contrast ratio, which quantifies the sharpness and the depth of an image, resulted in over 1,000,000:1.

According to Samsung Display, fast-paced video games that require higher performance often suffer degradations in image quality when played on a display with a long blur length, which could harm user experience. OLED has a very wide range of contrast thus offers more immersive gaming experience for consumers who favor dynamic, flamboyant games, Samsung Display says.

The new Samsung Display OLED for laptop is also certified for cinematic experience with its wide color gamut (120% of DCI-P3) and its low-luminance expression capability below 0.0005 nits.***

▲ Samsung Display OLED for laptops certified 'Cinematic Experience' by SGS

“As people spend more time home, laptop has become the go-to device not only for web-surfing and word-processing but also for watching movies and sports game and playing video games.” Choi Soon-ho, director at Samsung Display said. “OLED is the very display that could meet consumers’ various needs.”

*SGS is a Swiss multinational company founded in 1878, which specializes in inspection and certification.
**Motion Picture Response Time is an international standard for display’s response speed derived by measuring time for a single frame’s afterimage to disappear.
 ***The nit is a unit of brightness, and 1 nit equals 1 cd/m2,which is roughly the brightness of a single wax candle.