SID Display Week, celebrating its 58th year, is "where the world's next-generation electronic display creators, technologists, value-add suppliers, and market-making end-users gather to stay connected, stay current, and get ahead (SID)." This year, Amazon, Adobe, Google, Applied Materials, and Samsung Display presented as keynote speakers.

As the key representative of Samsung Display, JS Choi, President and Chief Executive Officer at Samsung Display, delivered a keynote speech themed "The Metaverse and the Great Future of Display.” He mentioned the uncanny accuracy in which Samsung had predicted the world we live today during its 2013 SID Display Week keynote: We are currently in a world surrounded by displays (ex: smartphones, laptops, cars) to the extent that was unfathomable in the past. He also added that OLED technology had grown significantly within the IT industry, and despite numerous difficulties and technical barriers, Samsung achieved a lot of innovations related to self-luminous technology.

According to JS Choi, “Over the few decades, the world has witnessed a digital revolution. It started with the era of Digitization, Digitalization, and now we are now moving toward the era of ‘Digital Transformation.’ We are no longer limited to specific areas like online ads and shopping, as all areas of life have come into the cloud and all connected world.”

With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence, implementation of 5G technology, and enhanced chip performance, people will require a seamless, natural, and high-definition viewing experience on various devices. Products that truly cater to individual environments and personalized experiences will be expected by the end-users as newer technology heightens customer expectations and needs in this realm.  

For instance, in the era of Digital Transformation, also known as 'Display Centric World', traditional IT devices such as smartphones, tablets, and monitors will be replaced with 'New IT devices' as boundaries between offline and online realities will be blurred significantly. Also, with recent progress in mobility such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving, bold statements such as 'The car will be our second home' run as a mantra by many. An unprecedented amount of digital content consumption via automotive displays will be expected in the near future. Last but not least, there will be a growing demand for new technologies such as wall mount displays, transparent display windows, and mirror displays to reflect demands for seamlessly integrated online/offline experiences.

In other words, consumers will expect quality displays on not only smartphones but (1) seamless displays in all shapes and sizes from 1" to 200-inch devices, (2) borderless 'New IT’ between all devices and (3) high mobility displays for electric vehicles. Termed as ‘Metaverse’ is not limited to Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality: Self-luminous displays will play an essential role in maximizing the era of Metaverse with its immersiveness.

Embracing this new digital era, JS Choi addressed four key technologies of self-luminous displays: (1) Form Factor Technology, (2) Full Screen and Under Panel Camera (UPC), (3) Window and Module Technology, and (4) New Materials. 

Form Factor Technology 

Every X-able (Foldable/Rollable/Slidable/Stretchable) technology has astounded people with its revolutionary design and relentless potential. Multi-folding design will change the way we perceive life in the future with new usability that did not exist before.

Media Coverage of Samsung Display’s Form Factor Technology at SID Display Week:

▲ “Samsung Display, which developed the double-folding organic light-emitting diode panel, hopes to get the [S-Foldable] display adopted by many smartphone brands in addition to Samsung (Nikkei Asia).”

▲ “In its normal form, the [Slidable display] panel is similar in size to those used in conventional smartphones, but more of the panel can be slid out horizontally to expand its size (ZDNet).”

Full Screen and Under Panel Camera (UPC)

Termed ‘Under Panel Camera (UPC)’, Samsung Display’s new technology hides a front-facing camera underneath the screen - making display bezels smaller without relocating the position of the product camera. With the use of UPC, end users can also expect wide front screens with front-facing cameras. UPC will be the essential technology for Full Screen.

Implementation of UPC requires solutions to key challenges such as transparent plastic PI, pixel structure design (ex: transmission windows), and driving algorithms for display and camera.

Window and Module Technology

Continuous improvement of window and module technology for foldable devices can be achieved further through the minimal thickness, extreme radius, and pen solutions. In addition to the development of Ultra-thin Glass (UTG) that features a highly flexible surface with a supple hardness, Samsung Display is also looking into an innovative low-reflective structure using black matrix and color filter replacing pol.

New Materials 

With OLED displays superseding traditional materials in IT/automotive industries, optimizing product performance as well as sustainability is essential. Samsung Display is committed to reducing power consumption and increasing the lifespan of its products, and materials play a huge role in self-luminous displays. Investment and development of new composition of materials that enables large size displays as well as Bio-Sensor Embedded technology and Semiconductor technology for Micro Displays will make decisive contributions in future content, services, and hardware devices.


Expectations of seamless virtual experience (Metaverse) are redefining social connection and norms around the world. Displays will lead the digital transformation, as emphasized by President & CEO JS Choi during his keynote speech at SID’s Display Week 2021. “Metaverse, which refers to all online and digital behaviors and lifestyles, will be accelerated by the new normal that has become part of our daily lives such as telecommuting and online meeting.”

Samsung Display will continue to bolster its belief that “Displays are the windows connecting people” as every display that maximizes immersion and augments reality makes up a part of the Metaverse. Furthermore, Samsung Display is dedicated to pursuing innovation in all areas, enriching the connection between people and technology.

Lastly, by joining the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), the company also plans to add momentum to its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) involvement - dedicating to the development and happiness of humanity.