Ushering in an era of digital videos, the film industry set a color space for digital projectors called “DCI-P3”. DCI-P3 presents more optimized color space for the video-watching platform, which was expanded in line with the launch of diverse mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PC.

DCI-P3 is a color space or set of colors, defined by Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) in an attempt to standardize the color range of digital video projectors.

A color space is usually expressed by its triangle on the CIE 1931 XY Chromaticity Diagram that you can see above.

New display platforms such as smartphone and tablet PC were released, and DCI-P3 was introduced to meet the need for new color space standard that encompasses the color range of mobile, IT, or cinema contents

DCI-P3 covers 25% more color space than conventional sRGB*, and features much wider coverage in red area.

*sRGB is the most commonly used color space HP and Microsoft created in 1996 to use on monitors, printers, and the Window.