‘Flexible OLED’, the flagship technology of flexible displays!

What makes a flexible display that bents or folds different from a rigid OLED display? Let’s find out the structure and shape of flexible OLED that came to life thanks to the combination of flexible polyimide (PI) material and Thin-Film Encapsulation (TFE) technology.

Flexible OLED incorporates flexible plastic substrate that can be bent or rolled.

Thanks to these features, flexible OLED displays lead innovation in display form factor leveraging their thinner and lighter design than Rigid OLED displays as well as flexibility. Flexible OLED was first commercialized in Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge in 2014 and has since evolved into an edge display with beautiful curvature. Now, flexible OLED displays are scaling up to a wide range of areas, including foldable smartphones and wearable devices. Furthermore, it is expected to make a rollable or stretchable display in the near future.