Have you ever heard of a display that can be flexible enough to stretch like an elastic band? The Stretchable OLED, a new display technology, is nowhere to unleash the boundless potential of displays.

Stretchable OLED is a display with stretchability and resilience that allow for expanding and shrinking screen areas.

The display can return to its original form with highly elastic material and adjustable design after stretching it horizontally and vertically. Thanks to such innovative features, the stretchable display provides Free-Form that can be mounted to 3-dimensional surfaces such as wearable devices, fashions, and automobiles.

Samsung Display introduced the world-first 9.1” stretchable OLED in 2017. Compared to conventional flexible OLED that can be transformed in only one direction, such as bent or rolled, stretchable OLED features transformation in two or more directions.

▲    Stretchable OLED of Samsung Display unveiled in SID 2017

As the stretchable OLED has a freer form factor than conventional flexible OLEDs, it can exponentially expand the application scope of displays, particularly for displays that are promising for the IoT (Internet of Things)-driven era.