Holograms have been a staple of sci-fi films, but how does it work? Hologram images come to life with the combination of constructive interference principle, a wave property of light, and an LCD panel. This article introduces the principle of holography, an essential technology to create hologram images.

Holography is a display technology that reconstructs stereoscopic videosžimages using the light interferences phenomenon created when light waves meet.

※ Hologram: Videos and images generated with holography technology

Holography utilizes laser light sources to reconstruct 3D images. Lights from the lasers meet to create a point, and a myriad of such points are combined to form the total 3D scene.

A laser with coherent light is used as a backlight source, while pixels of a display panel are calibrated and controlled to let lights meet at a given point in space to generate 3D scene points based on the constructive interference principle.  

※ Constructive interference: Constructive interference occurs when two waves in the same phase add together in superposition, creating a wave with cumulatively higher amplitude