(Image Source: Samsung Electronics)

Samsung Display unveiled the Galaxy Fold series last month. In accordance with the Galaxy Fold3, the combination of innovative technologies, Galaxy Z Flip3 is getting a lot of attention from users.

“Between the larger — and more functional — cover screen, water resistance, smooth internal display and more refined design, there’s a lot to like about the Z Flip3.”


The main display of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 offers a 120Hz refresh rate featuring 'Adaptive Frequency™' technology that can adjust refresh rate automatically for the application being used at any given moment. Also, by using a new protective film, durability increased 80% and touch sensitivity also improved. In addition to upgrades for the main display, the new cover screen is four times bigger than the display on the original Flip, with various background and widget customization available on its 1.9-inch OLED (302ppi) display. 

What are your thoughts on the latest Galaxy Z Flip3? Decorating the cover screen of Galaxy Z Flip 3 has gone viral among Galaxy Z Flip users, and in case you need a dose of inspiration for customizing your own Galaxy Z Flip3 cover screen - check out some of our favorite cover screens by content creators around the world:

1. Unicorns and Rainbows

Why did Isa does tech order a pink Galaxy Z Flip3 when she already had a lavender Z Flip3? Find out in her video if you're curious to know more about the pink Z Flip3! Also, we couldn't help but notice the matching unicorns on both of her cover screens (0:06-0:09) 🦄🌈

2. Make It Graphic

What made Tech Gear Talk want to try the Z Flip3? One of the main reasons was the cover display: He was especially impressed with how fantastic the customizable cover screen background images look on the OLED display. The new display is a 1.9 inch super OLED display with a resolution of 260 x 512 and 302 PPI. There's a reason why OLED is said to produce "blacker blacks and brighter whites" and you can see it clearly in the visual burst of graphic design that he uses to set the cover screen in the video (8:02-8:04) ⚡.

3. Let Me Take a Selfie

"This Cutie Patootie might be the best selling foldable of all time" according to XEETECHCARE (Zaryab Khan) in the beginning of his review video. He is a US-based tech creator on Youtube who mentions that one of his favorite parts about the Z Flip3 is the big outer display. It's definitely big enough to fit his selfie perfectly on the cover screen during his tutorial (4:42-4:48) 📸.

4. Flow Into the Curves

MrMobile [Michael Fisher] is ‘a writer, sailor, podcaster and recovering actor whose childhood obsession with science fiction never quite faded’. "I have one word to describe that new outer screen: FINALLY." Michael notes how a solid cover display is a non-negotiable for a foldable phone and the Galaxy Z Flip3 "kind of feels like Samsung stuck a smartwatch right onto the phone." With 20 years worth of historical foldable phones flashing through the first few seconds, it's fascinating and nostalgic to watch Michael's review video. We also couldn't help but notice the blue (1:08-1:10) and red (4:44-4:51) variations of aesthetic backgrounds on his cover screen 🔥🌊. Who else has multiple cover screen background images?

5. Animate with Multiple GIFs

Admit it: If you're a BTS fan, sassyinkorea's cover screen already stole your heart. She is a Youtuber who vlogs about her life in Korea. She shares some invaluable tips such as setting multiple GIFs for your cover screen, which in her case is four different GIFs of Jungkook (1:15-1:30) 💜

Thanks to the display upgrades and its durability, including IPX8, market researchers are offering an optimistic forecast about foldable phones. Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) expects foldable phone shipments to reach 5.5 million this year, double the 2.3 million last year. Meanwhile, Counterpoint Research projects foldable phone shipments to reach 9 million this year.

Here at Samsung Display, we hope you enjoy our latest foldable technology such as Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3.