Who are Creators?

From Facebook Creator Studio to TikTok Creator Marketplace, you might have come across the term ‘Creators’ often online. Are you a creator?

Creator: Video editors, 3D animators, photographers, digital artists, graphic designers, bloggers - anyone who ‘creates’ content

Creative professionals share valuable information to their audience via video, blog posts, and other media forms. Whether it be graphic design or video editing, in general, creator work entails a lot of multitasking and pro-level processing jobs. Therefore it makes sense for creators to have special requirements when it comes to selecting their laptops just how gaming laptops cater to gamers’ specific needs. We’ll share five tips to consider when choosing your next creator laptop in this article:

1: Color Accuracy (True-to-life-colors)

If you’re a creator, “color-accurate” displays might be non-negotiable. The DCI-P3 color gamut coverage or Adobe RGB coverage is an extremely important factor for laptops meant for digital content creation.

▲ CIE 1931 Chromaticity Diagram (DCI-P3, sRGB, Rec. 2020)

OLEDs depicts colors through an individual light-emitting process that deliver ultra-vivid colors and deep blacks: There’s simply more depth to the display color reproduction compared to any other display you have experienced before. Samsung OLED not only offers 100% DCI-P3 color gamut but also provides 120% color volume, which is 1.7 times better than existing LCDs.

#2: Resolution

Do you usually edit large collections of ultra-high resolution photos and or need support for 4K resolution and HD video editing? Then you’ll probably understand the importance of display resolution: A resolution refers to the degree of clarity on a display screen. Crisp, clear images are a must for many creators who do not compromise on quality content. Some of the laptops with OLED panel badged with Creator Edition for the best performance for creators.

#3: Low Power Consumption

“Dark mode could be the chocolate to OLED's peanut butter.”


OLED is a type of display that uses self-emitting organic materials that can turn on/off each pixel. When the display showcases black, the pixels turn off completely and therefore consume less energy. And Dark Mode is a popular color scheme on user interfaces lately. It’s easier on your eyes while dramatically reducing power consumption when used on OLED. For example, according to Samsung Display's internal tests, you could consume 67% less energy when watching YouTube videos in dark mode compared to normal mode. That’s probably why most OLED laptop manufacturers set Windows 10’s Dark Mode as default.

#4: Human Friendly

How many hours do you spend in front of your laptop screen? On average, people spend 5 hours staring at laptops a day. (People.com) As content creators, you probably spend more.

As helpful as digital devices are, it’s important to understand the harmful effects of “too much screen time”. Blue light with wavelengths between 415 and 455 nanometer is known to be harmful to humans, interfering with sleep and even harming eye retina cells. But creativity doesn’t have systematic work hours, which is why using a human friendly laptop that protects your wellbeing is crucial.

The proportion of the harmful blue light across the entire OLED spectrum is only 6.5%, which is one third of that of conventional LCDs, and one of the lowest among current laptop displays.

Also, there was research on the relation between myopia and dark mode. According to the studies, it is found that reading white text from a black screen makes the choroid* behind the retina thicker, and it may be a way to inhibit myopia. (Nature)

*choroid: a vascular layer of the eye, provides oxygen and nutrient to the retina

#5: Portability

If you’re a creator who finds himself/herself always on the move, a laptop that fully supports your ‘creativity on the go’ lifestyle is important. OLED enables much thinner & lighter design with powerful portability. When it comes to 13.3” panel, OLED panel is only 130g with 1.0mm thickness, whereas LCD panel weighs 180g with 2.1mm. The total weight will depend on the options and product, but the OLED display is 40% lighter than LCD displays.


“Everything you can imagine is real.”

—Pablo Picasso

According to SignalFire, there are more than 50 million creators today on social media and more than 90% of them make content primarily on Instagram (30M+), Youtube (13M+), and Twitch (3M+). These social media platform creators produce engaging videos or graphic design work for their followers, and having the right tools is important.

With the recent launch of 4K OLED laptops - including those on big 16-inch screens - we hope our technologies help unleash your creative potential.

  • Color Accuracy: Samsung OLED was awarded certification for ‘Premium Display (Content Creation)’ from SGS*. 4K OLED display depicts color within the DCI-P3 100 percent color range, as well as provides an unsurpassed HDR True Black 0.0001nit color level.
  • Resolution: The higher the resolution is, the crispier and clearer image is achieved. Newly release Samsung OLED offers UHD (4K) resolution in various sizes from 13.3-inch to 16-inch.
  • Low Power Consumption: Samsung OLED for laptops is up to 25 percent more energy efficient in dark mode compared to light mode based on the internal test using industry-standard MobileMark2018.
  • Human Friendly: Samsung Display has built-in anti blue-light technology that filters the potentially harmful blue light rays produced. Samsung’s OLED panels also has achieved GREENGUARD Gold Certification by UL**, for low chemical emissions for their components for the first time in the industry.
  • Portability: Samsung OLED is about 30% thinner and lighter than LCD. Given that laptops usually have a larger screen, the perceived weight difference per space is much larger than that of smartphones.
    * Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS): the largest inspection and testing agency in the world
    ** UL: the global independent safety science company