On August 16, K-Display 2023, Korea’s premier display exhibition, kicked off at COEX. We were fortunate to attend the inaugural day of this three-day event, gaining firsthand insight into why Korea stands as a dominant force in the display industry. Join us as we explore the range of pioneering technologies that commanded attention at Samsung Display's booth at K-Display 2023. 


Visitors at Samsung Display's booth delight in a multitude of immersive experiences

Under the theme Big Step Towards a Sustainable Future Life, Samsung Display extended a warm welcome to visitors at its booth during K-Display 2023. The booth was organized into seven distinct zones: Flex OLED, IT OLED, OLED Eco-friendly Technology, Auto OLED, QD-OLED TVs and Monitors, and OLED Finder. Within these zones, visitors were invited to immerse themselves in a multitude of experiences that showcased the remarkable prowess of OLED technology.

In particular, Dr. OLED's Weird Lab demonstrated the advantages of OLEDs through four unique experiments.


[Dr. OLED's Weird Lab]


▲ Capture the Moment of a Lifetime Underwater! / Let it Soar to the Sky


In the initial experiment, Dr. OLED submerged the Galaxy Z Foldable phone in a fish tank. Despite its waterproof claim, what was the outcome?



Visitors had the chance to photograph their underwater experiences, creating a rare and unforgettable opportunity. The enjoyment continued as they used foldable phones underwater to snap images with the fish, while instantly printing these moments of wonder and amazement.




In the second lab, an intriguing scene unfolded as balloons gracefully floated about, presenting a captivating spectacle. The balloons served the purpose of highlighting the lightweight nature of Samsung OLEDs. We accomplished this visual demonstration through a clever experiment involving helium-filled balloons. By suspending both an LCD panel and an OLED panel, a direct comparison of their respective weights was made possible. Unlike their LCD counterparts, which are known for their substantial weight that prevents them from defying gravity, OLED panels take a distinct trajectory. Possessing an almost ethereal quality, OLED panels gracefully ascend into the sky.



👤 Min-Gyo Kim, Student at Chung-Ang University


▲ Where are the limits to folding? / Take it to the extreme!



At Dr. OLED's third lab, we installed Folding Jig, an automated folding tester designed to fold and unfold flexible panels. This offered visitors an up-close view of Samsung Display's impressive foldable technology. The impact was evident as visitors' eyes widened in amazement, especially when they witnessed the Flex S&G fold not just once, but twice!



👤 Ho-Jin Jang, Student at Soongsil University


Next the Folding Jig, the display underwent extreme testing. The resilience of the display, demonstrated through rigorous folding and unfolding experiments, not only drew the attention of visitors but also received an enthusiastic response.


Dr. OLED's labs were abuzz with thrilling and one-of-a-kind experiments, providing a chance to fully immerse oneself in the brilliance of Samsung OLED technology. Yet, the excitement didn’t stop here – a multitude of other captivating zones awaited us. Rest assured, we'll unveil each one, so stay tuned for upcoming experiences!


[Flex OLED Zone]
Enrich your life with innovative flexible display technology!



In the Flex OLED Zone, Samsung Display presented its world-class flexible OLED technology with next-generation products designed to enhance the portability of large-screen IT devices. The exhibit provided an overview of the standout features in a range of flexible products, prominently featuring the 12.4-inch Rollable—an innovation unveiled initially at SID 2023 in May. Furthermore, certain displays made their debut for the very first time in Korea at K-Display, attracting the interest of many visitors.



First, we presented the UPC Plus™, a technology recognized as exceptional by K-Display 2023, in a side-by-side comparison with its predecessor. The Under Panel Camera (UPC) is a pioneering achievement that enables full-screen displays by positioning the camera beneath the display area, ensuring the coexistence of both camera and screen components. Further enhancing this innovation, UPC Plus™ elevates perceived resolution by 1.4 times, particularly when the camera functionality is deactivated.




👤 Joon-Seok Lee, Student at Konkuk University



Making its debut at K-Display 2023, the 17-inch interactive slidable display took the spotlight. It introduced two groundbreaking concepts: the Flex Slidable Solo™ and the Flex Slidable Duet™, both capable of extending the screen either in a single direction or dynamically in both directions.



For daily tasks, users can utilize the display in its 13 or 14-inch tablet sizes, while seamlessly transitioning to a wider 17.3-inch screen when seeking to multitask or indulge in movies and gaming.



Samsung Display also showcased an array of prototypes that are poised to shape the future of foldable displays. Among them are the Flex S™, a bi-folding display that opens up in an “S” shape (In & Out); the Flex G™, a multi-foldable display that folds inwards twice in a “G” shape; and the Flex Note™, a revolutionary foldable akin to a laptop, providing the convenience of a 13-inch portable computer when folded and seamlessly transforming into a spacious 17.3-inch monitor-like screen upon unfolding.


Within the Flex OLED Zone, one of the most striking displays was the Rollable Flex™, which made its debut in Korea during the event. This innovation allows users to literally roll up the display. Unlike existing foldables and slidables that typically expand up to 2-3 times, the Rollable Flex™ stretches up to five times!


[Digital Cockpit Zone]
Sharing valuable moments through displays!



Moving forward, we enter the Digital Cockpit zone an immersive space where Samsung Display's innovations seamlessly integrate with the highly anticipated realm of autonomous driving technology. The Digital Cockpit, a visionary OLED solution for future automobiles, captured the intrigue of many visitors. Its design was meticulously crafted to convey a compelling concept: as vehicles transcend their role as mere transportation and evolve into catalysts for enriched user experiences, displays assume an even more significant role in shaping how we experience mobility. 



The Digital Cockpit unveiled multi-screen solutions, including 34-inch and 15.6-inch displays, tailored to complement the interior of a futuristic digitized car. Notably, the 34-inch OLED positioned in front of the driver's seat boasts Bendable technology, enabling the screen to flex left and right. This innovation ensures an ideal viewing angle for focused driving while also serving as an entertainment display during autonomous driving mode.



Furthermore, an adjustable Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) display, designed for passengers in the second row, was prominently showcased, capturing the interest of many visitors.


👤 Dong-Hoon Oh, Trainee at Korea Electronics Technology Institute



Another attention-grabbing marvel that intrigued the visiting crowd is the 13.4-inch Round Display nestled within the BMW Mini. This innovation defies the conventional square display, boasting a striking 'circle display' design. Beyond its pristine image clarity, the Round Display introduces an innovative dashboard platform, poised to establish a groundbreaking benchmark for automotive displays!


[QD-OLED Image Quality Experience Zone]



If you're enthusiastic about experiencing Samsung Display's unmatched image quality, you've come to the right place! The QD-OLED Zone stands out as an engaging booth, revealing the progress of QD-OLED technology in 2023 and allowing visitors to deeply engage with a realm of image quality excellence through direct comparisons and live demonstrations. Notably, the exhibition features the QD-OLED products that secured the esteemed Display of the Year award at the SID event in May 2023, recognized for their exceptional color rendition, as endorsed by the renowned global color authority, Pantone.


Samsung Display also presented a trio of displays: two 65-inch LCDs alongside a QD-OLED, strategically positioned side by side. This arrangement effectively highlighted the contrasting picture quality, leaving no doubt about the QD-OLED's prowess in delivering an exceptional HDR viewing experience. The QD-OLED's attributes, including unparalleled brightness, vivid color purity, and an expansive color gamut, are readily apparent.




In particular, the impressive dimensions of the 77-inch QD-OLED, coupled with its striking image quality performance, created an immersive cinematic experience for visitors, akin to being in a movie theater.


👤 Gun-Ho Moon, Trainee at Korea Electronics Technology Institute



On the opposite side of the zone, visitors had the chance to experience the image quality of QD-OLED monitors. A 34-inch monitor was on display, featuring various cases for high-definition applications like video editing. Additionally, a 49-inch monitor with a 32:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio was optimized for both work and gaming.




Samsung Display also invited visitors to indulge in gaming on 34-inch QD-OLED monitors. The Game Experience Zone, situated at the heart of the exhibition hall, offered visitors a chance to engage in the world's most popular MMORPG game, Black Desert. The Game Experience Zone garnered the attention of visitors spanning all age groups.


[IT OLED Zone] & [OLED Grows Green Zone]



Within the IT OLED Zone, which was designed as a darkroom, visitors had the opportunity to explore the world's first 240Hz laptop and experience True Black technology. Furthermore, the exhibition offered a chance to experience the superiority of OLED through a noticeably lower wavelength of harmful blue light emitted by the panel, in contrast to traditional LCDs. Additionally, eco-friendly (Less Plastic) products were showcased, further highlighting the advantages of OLED technology.



In the OLED Grows Green Zone, we presented Samsung Display's ESG promotional video and showcased the Eco² OLED Plus™ technology. This innovative advancement minimizes power consumption and enhances transmittance, distinguishing itself from conventional technologies by embedding a Polarizer directly into the panel.


We also showcased the MFD (Multi Frequency Display) technology, designed to decrease power consumption by tailoring optimized frequencies for each screen, especially when multiple contents are displayed on a single screen. Additionally, we introduced the Low Frequency technology, which facilitates energy-efficient operation at 30Hz, contributing to reduced power usage.


We've taken you on a tour of Samsung Display's booth at K-Display 2023, and we're certain that the photos have effectively highlighted the exciting and unique technologies on display. Attendees had the chance to experience and interact with groundbreaking display innovations that were once mere conceptual ideas. The booth garnered enthusiasm and praise from countless visitors, with remarks such as "Samsung is truly remarkable!" Keep following along as Samsung Display forges ahead in shaping the future with upcoming technological breakthroughs that are yet to be revealed!