Samsung Display Hosts Interactive Pop-up Event Promoting 

 OLED Screen Technology at Santa Monica Beach


 Event showcases the advantages offered by Samsung Display’s OLED technology and highlights the OLED Finder website for identifying smartphones that have it


Samsung Display is hosting an interactive pop-up event that showcases its state-of-the-art OLED screen technology at Central Plaza in Santa Monica Beach, California, USA, Oct. 23–29.  


 For this unique event, Samsung Display has set up various zones at Central Plaza, including the OLED Finder Zone where visitors can find out whether their phone is equipped with Samsung Display’s OLED.  The event also offers various exhibits and activities where visitors can experience the outstanding durability and excellent picture quality of the company’s Foldable OLEDs. 


 The OLED Finder Zone is based on the OLED Finder website (,  which allows users to select a smartphone brand and model name to check whether it is equipped with a Samsung Display OLED. The website is attracting visitors, especially younger consumers who are interested in the latest IT technologies, and has received around 800,000 visits since launching in March.  


 “We all know the brands of our smartphones, but we don’t pay attention to the manufacturers of the displays, and I think it would be very helpful to know what components are in my smartphone when I buy it,” said Daniela Chang, who visited the Samsung Display event with his friends. 


 In the OLED Finder Zone, visitors can have fun guessing which smartphones are equipped with a Samsung Display OLED. If a model is equipped with a third-party panel, they will receive recommendations for the latest smartphones with a Samsung Display OLED.


 “OLED-equipped smartphones are being widely used and Samsung Display OLEDs are highly trusted by our customers and consumers,” said a representative from Samsung Display. “So, we are actively promoting  the OLED Finder to provide accurate information to consumers who prefer Samsung Display OLED products.” 


 The company has also organized special activities for visitors to experience Samsung Display’s Foldable OLED firsthand, such as the Durability Test Zone where visitors can try scratching the panels with sand, hitting them with hammers and dropping them into water.


 Samsung Display collaborated with John Bramblitt, a contemporary artist from Texas, who created graffiti for the event that vividly expresses the advantages offered by Samsung OLEDs, such as superior color reproduction, contrast ratio and eco-friendliness. Despite being visually impaired, Bramblitt is renowned for creating unique works with brilliant colors. Also, on Oct. 27, the popular basketball influencer ‘The Professor’ will host various activities for visitors, such as a dribbling challenge on OLED panels and a free throw challenge.


 “We have showcased Samsung Display’s OLED technology and new products at various domestic and international exhibitions and formal settings, but this is an opportunity to interact and connect directly with consumers outside of an exhibition hall,” said Brad Jung, vice president and head of Mobile Display Marketing Team at Samsung Display. “We will continue to create opportunities to communicate with consumers in a more comfortable and friendly way outside of exhibition halls.”







▲ Samsung Display's interactive pop-up event at Santa Monica Beach