On 26 February (local time), the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, the world's largest telecommunications exhibition, kicked off at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung Display set up an exhibition booth under the theme of OLED Vibes to showcase a futuristic and trendy everyday life powered by OLEDs. Let's explore how Samsung Display's innovative OLED Vibes captivated the audience with its unrivalled technology.


‘MWC 2024’ exhibition hall view 


Step into the future with Samsung Display’s OLED Vibes – Reimagining the Way of Life 

Picture your dream future. Samsung Display has brought that dream to life by organizing its booth into five distinct spaces: Extreme Robo Challenge, Mr. OLED Boy, Innovative Style Hub, AI Display, and Epic Play. Each area captures the essence of OLED Vibes, showcasing the potential of advanced display technology to transform our everyday experiences. As visitors step inside, they are spellbound by the Welcome Media Wall. The expansive 77-inch screen and the stunning image quality of QD-OLED commands attention, leaving visitors awestruck.


A robot tests panel durability at Samsung Display's booth at MWC 2024
The 'Extreme Robo Challenge' zone attracts a large crowd of visitors


Robot Chef Performs Panel Cooking

Upon entering the Extreme Robo Challenge Zone at the entrance of the booth, visitors are greeted by a robot dressed as a chef. The futuristic robot intrigued visitors with a performance where it interacted with Samsung Display's foldable panel and tested its durability under extreme conditions. The robot displayed playful expressions on the 9.4-inch round OLED display, greeted visitors with a cheerful face, and demonstrated the flexibility, sleek profile, and lightweight design of the foldable panel. 



Foldable OLEDs that Withstand Submersion in Water and Scratching with a Metal Scrubber

The robot subjected Samsung’s OLED panels to rigorous testing in various conditions, demonstrating their rugged durability. The Galaxy Z Flip 5 endured submersion in water and vigorous shaking, while the Galaxy Z Fold 5 underwent a salt-and-pepper scratch test with a metal scrubber. The salt and pepper particles, along with the metal scrubber, acted as abrasives, simulating common abrasive substances encountered in real-world scenarios. In a dramatic display of resilience, the robot theatrically wielded a mock knife to slash the panel and even dropped a heavy metal ball to test its impact resistance. After moments of astonishment from the visitors, the extremely thin foldable OLED emerge as not only remarkably durable and fully functional. 



Meanwhile, the kitchen behind the robot is equipped with a minus 20-degree freezer and a 60-degree warmer, where folding tests are conducted at extreme temperatures. Recently, Samsung Display earned military specifications by successfully passing the rigorous military standard test set by the US Department of Defense for foldable panels in the 7-inch range. 


'Mr. OLED Boy Zone' at Samsung Display's booth at MWC 2024


A Photo Session with Mr. OLED Boy! OLED Reinvented as an Illustrated Artwork

Once you pass the robot chef, you’ll enter the Mr. OLED Boy zone, where you can experience the future of everyday life with OLEDs through artwork. Samsung Display collaborated with fashion illustrator Fei Wang, also known as Mr. Slowboy, to unveil Mr. OLED Boy, a futuristic technology illustration inspired by his renowned work. Designed by Samsung Display, Mr. OLED Boy intuitively showcases the future lifestyle harmonized with OLEDs. In the illustrations, Mr. OLED Boy interacts with Samsung Display products in diverse settings, ranging from the Polar Regions and deserts to underwater environments and futuristic city offices. 


'Flex S™' on display at the 'Mr. OLED Boy Zone'
'Rollable Flex™’ on display at the 'Mr. OLED Boy Zone'


Rollable Flex™ Stretches more than 5 times

Let's explore the products showcased alongside OLED Boy. Firstly, the Rollable Flex™ features an incredibly thin and lightweight Samsung Display flexible OLED. This 12.4-inch flexible OLED can stretch more than five times its original size, winding more than twice around a 15mm radius axis. When not in use, most of the screen can be hidden, only to reappear when needed. With its ability to minimize bulk, it’s poised to optimize car interiors by efficiently utilizing space. 


‘Flex In&Out™' on display at the 'Mr. OLED Boy Zone'
‘Flex Liple’ on display at the 'Mr. OLED Boy Zone'
‘Slidable Flex™' on display at the 'Mr. OLED Boy Zone'


Moving on, you'll also discover Flex In & Out™, which enables the screen to fold both inward and outward, and Flex Liple, a novel design concept that combines the words "Light" for lightweight and "Simple" for simplicity, while still delivering the user experience of the original Flip. Also noteworthy is the Slidable Flex™, which utilizes sliding technology to pack a 17-inch screen into a portable 13-inch size. Visitors also delighted in the Mr. OLED Boy Zone, where they could check out various products incorporating Samsung Display's technology, take Polaroid photos, and take part in an event to earn an OLED Boy sticker.


Visitors viewing products at the 'Innovative Style Hub' zone


A New Future of Devices with Sensational Design

Brightly lit and mirrored, the Innovative Style Hub Zone features how OLEDs are applied to accessories, furniture and more. Visitors can experience new concepts using OLEDs and imagine a future where life is more colorful with these dynamic displays. 


‘Round Display' on display at the 'Innovative Style Hub' zone


The Round Display, stretched out in a round shape reminiscent of a vinyl record, offers convenience during the morning rush to prepare for work. Equipped with a camera that doubles as a mirror, the OLED enables users to apply makeup, check the weather, and send and receive quick messages before heading to work.


‘OLED Smart Key' on display at the 'Innovative Style Hub' zone


Below the Round Display, visitors find a variety of other trendy display products. Among them is the OLED Smart Key, which incorporates OLEDs into car keys. Not only does this allow users to open and close doors, but it also serves as an information device.


‘OLED Earbuds Case' on display at the 'Innovative Style Hub' zone
‘OLED Headphone’ on display at the 'Innovative Style Hub' zone


The OLED Earbuds Case uses circular OLEDs on the cover of a wireless earphone case, enabling easy operations such as music playback, calls, and status checks without the need for a smartphone. Similarly, the OLED Headphone utilizes circular OLEDs to facilitate music playback and simple operations independently of a smartphone. Both products feature AoD Mode, allowing users to express themselves freely through images, videos, emojis, and more.


'OLED Smart Speaker' on display at the 'Innovative Style Hub' zone
▲'OLED Ball Marker' on display at the 'Innovative Style Hub' zone
▲'OLED Cling Band' on display at the 'Innovative Style Hub' zone
▲'OLED Cling Band' that can be easily worn on the wrist or unfolded like a smartphone


The OLED Smart Speaker is a concept product featuring foldable panels and a triangular pillar shape, making it an excellent addition to any interior. The OLED Ball Marker is a concept product designed for golfers that utilizes circular OLEDs to connect to a smartphone for accurate ball position identification. Users can also express their themsleves through images, videos, and emojis on the display. The OLED Cling Band is a wearable concept that utilizes the flexible circular OLED panel, wearable on the wrist or unfolded to function like a regular smartphone.


▲'AI Display Zone' at Samsung Display's booth at MWC 2024
▲'Flex Magic Pixel' on display at the 'AI Display Zone' 


AI meets OLED, How will this Dynamic Duo Reshape Our World? 

This is the AI Display zone, where Samsung Display showcased the seamless integration of generative AI and OLED technology in line with the era of on-device AI. With a special emphasis on security, the Flex Magic Pixel technology, debuted by Samsung Display at MWC, allows users to adjust the viewing angle to prevent the screen from being visible to nearby individuals. Visitors had the opportunity to view the display from both the front and side angles, experiencing firsthand the enhanced security features of smart devices powered by AI. 


▲'MFD(Multi Frequency Driving)' on display at the 'AI Display Zone' 


Displayed under the slogan Extended Battery Life, the Multi Frequency Driving (MFD) is a technology that reduces power consumption by optimizing frequency when a single screen is divided into two or more content areas. The MFD is particularly well-suited for foldable devices that frequently utilize split-screen functionality. In this scenario, only the active screen areas operates at a low frequency of 30Hz or less, efficiently reducing power consumption compared to conventional technologies.


▲Visitors look at the products on display at the 'AI Display Zone'.
▲Samsung Display OLEDs compared to a typical laptop display. The Samsung OLED on the right has significantly less harmful blue light, which is why it appears as black on monitoring devices with negligible emissions.


On the opposite side, you'll find Samsung Display OLED's specialized technologies designed to provide enhanced eye protection in the 5G era, or when people are expected to spend more on mobile devices and laptops. The Flicker Free feature minimizes flickering even at refresh rates as low as 20Hz. Additionally, our groundbreaking reduction of harmful blue light has received Eye Care Display certification by SGS, a global certification company, contributing to the promotion of eye health.  


▲'Epic Play Zone' at Samsung Display's booth at MWC 2024


Attention Gamers! Explore this Destination for the Ultimate Gaming Experience! 

We have now reached the final area: the Epic Play Zone. Prepare to dive into the heart of gaming delight, where gaming passion is unleashed. Themed OLED GAMING DISPLAY, this zone features high-performance gaming devices such as the Valve Steamdeck OLED, Laser Blade 16, and MSI Stealth 14. Equipped with Samsung Display panels, these devices feature cutting-edge technology in the gaming market, delivering exceptional image quality with perfect blacks and fast response times.


▲Visitors experience 'RGB OLEDoS' at the 'Epic Play Zone'


RGB OLEDoS, the Next Generation of Displays

Remember OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon), the RGB variant of OLED we presented at CES 2024 in January? OLEDoS is an ultra-high-definition display that uses organic materials deposited on silicon wafers to achieve pixel sizes down to tens of micrometers (㎛). It serves as a key component of the rapidly emerging mixed reality (XR) headsets. The RGB OLEDoS, which is the size of a KRW 500 coin and boasts a resolution similar to that of a 4K TV, marks the highest resolution ever unveiled. It made its public debut for the first time at MWC.


Reporters from the international media outlets who visited Samsung Display's exhibition expressed high expectations for OLED products that showcased Samsung Display's differentiated technology and creative concepts.



You can also explore the video below showcasing Samsung Display's presence at the MWC booth!



Samsung Display created a fun and one-of-a-kind experience for visitors at the booth, curating a captivating exhibition of diverse OLED technologies and products. Samsung Display's OLED Vibes promise to continue reshaping our everyday experiences in the days ahead!