• Samsung Display, the market leader in self-illuminating screens, has reached 1 million units in cumulative QD-OLED monitors shipped since first entering the market in late 2021
  • Self-emitting light monitor panel market to grow at a CAGR of 12.3% through '29, accounting for up to 10% of the monitor panel market
  • The company has partnered with global monitor brands to launch more than 90 products and aims to expand its lineup from gaming monitors to professional and broadcast monitors


SEOUL, May 23, 2024 – Samsung Display revealed today that it has delivered 1 million units of its premium QD-OLED display panels for monitors. This milestone arrives two and a half years after the launch of its QD-OLED technology, which is spearheading the shift in the monitor market from LCD to OLED, thanks to its superior image quality.


Samsung Display’s QD-OLED is an innovative self-illuminating technology that uses blue OLED light filtered through a Quantum Dot (QD) layer to produce color. This technology is ideal for large devices due to its quick response time, high color accuracy, virtually infinite contrast ratio and broad viewing angles.


The company initiated the production of QD-OLED monitor panels in 2022 in response to the growing demand for monitors with high refresh rates and fast response times, particularly in the gaming industry. By doing so, Samsung Display has spearheaded the development of the self-illuminating monitor market.


Currently, the company’s QD-OLED lineup consists of 27-, 31.5-, 34- and 49-inch screens, and provides a variety of high-end specifications, including the OLED monitor industry’s highest resolution of 4K and a refresh rate of 360 Hz.


Samsung Display has partnered with 10 global monitor brands to launch more than 90 QD-OLED monitors to date. Many of these are gaming-specific monitors, which were particularly well received by gamers looking for high immersion and responsiveness. 


Samsung Display plans to expand the market beyond gaming monitors to include professional monitors for multimedia and entertainment production. Recently, it unveiled cutting-edge reference monitors for video editing, reaffirming its reputation for offering premier image quality in monitor technology.


QD-OLED products have garnered positive market reception, fueling high industry expectations for the self-illuminating monitor market. Market research firm OMDIA predicts that the self-illuminating monitor panel market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.3% through 2029, hitting $1.03 billion (KRW 1.4 trillion). This would account for 10% of the entire monitor panel market. Samsung Display currently ranks first in the self-illuminating monitor panel market, with a 79.7% share as of Q4 2023.


“Since pioneering the self-illuminating monitor market with QD-OLED in 2021, Samsung Display has been recognized by global customers for its distinctive image quality. This technology has been incorporated into various premium monitors,” said Brad Jung, Vice President and Head of the Large Display Marketing Team at Samsung Display. “Samsung Display will expand its QD-OLED shipments this year to more than double year-on-year by expanding its product lineup beyond gaming monitors.”


▲  Samsung Display achieves one million units of QD-OLED shipments for monitors


▲  Samsung Display achieves one million units of QD-OLED shipments for monitors