‘QD Display’ is a cutting-edge display whose diodes are made of Quantum Dots (QDs), semiconducting nanoparticles exhibit a size range between 2 and 10 nanometers (nm). When external energy, such as light or electric energy, is applied, different-sized quantum dots emit different light colors. Such properties of QDs enable high-resolution displays with a wider color gamut.

QD Display is a state-of-the-art display that uses quantum dots, tiny inorganic semiconductor particles with a size of few nanometers in diameter. Quantum Dots consist of the core wrapped in a shell with ligands* attached as the final layer.

What is the most special about QDs is that when an electric current is supplied, they emit different colors of light depending on their sizes. The smaller the particle size, the shorter the wavelength, which represents the blue color, and as the size gets bigger, the wavelength longer, and it emits red color. These principles allow a display to reproduce a variety of shades.

When the light produced from the blue light source reach to emissive layer, it causes quantum dot particles to emit light again, reproducing a wired range of color spectrum and featuring excellent viewing angle and longer lifespan. Therefore, QD display is considered as a next-generation display with superior image quality.